About ME - Анастасия Слабунова

About ME

Name: Anastasia Slabunova
Age: 36
Education: Masters degree in Law
Occupation: Personal Shopper, Stylist
Hundreds of satisfied customers, including celebrities
My work as a personal shopper and stylist is not just a job for me: it is also my calling and passion. As a little girl, I loved drawing dresses for my paper dolls, and I took design and embroidery classes. My parents always dressed me well, and I admired my mum’s sense of fashion – I was mesmerised by her elegant looks. In her spare time, she would make outfits for us both, and I would watch her sewing.

As a student my friends would turn to me for advice in choosing what to wear and would always take me clothes shopping with them. They frequently commented that they received compliments when wearing the clothes I had carefully selected for them.

It was when one of my friends’ lives took a completely different turn after helping her to change her style that I started to seriously consider a career as a personal shopper. I signed up to a fashion course in Moscow which taught me the tricks of this fascinating trade.

A few years on, in addition to my work as a personal shopper, I give lectures at the Italian Academia del Lusso, one of the most prestigious fashion academies in Italy.

Five reasons to shop with me:

  • Time: I save my clients valuable time by preparing everything in advance so that we only spend one day shopping
  • New collections: available shortly after the official designer previews
  • Discounts: you can benefit from my industry discounts.
  • VAT saving: 22% VAT return (rather than the standard 11% tax free) for all of my clients outside of the EU
  • Sales: sales start a month earlier when shopping with me, meaning more choice and sizes.