Why you need a shopping companion in Italy

If you plan on going clothes, shoe or anything else shopping abroad, it is often quite difficult to get the best opinions on which shopping centres, shops and boutiques are worth visiting.
Especially if we talk about popular shopping destinations in Italy such as Rimini or Milan.
Help is indispensable.

Anastasia Slabunova
Here are 5 reasons why you need a personal shopper:

  1. Savings
    The main reason why lot of people choose Italy for shopping is prices. You can buy iconic items of luxury brands a lot cheaper than anywhere else; if you know which shops offer the best deals. When you opt for a personal shopper experience you choose the opportunity to shop at the best boutiques taking advantage of the best prices. A professional personal shopper will offer you his personal trade discount, will guide through all the formalities and technicalities of tax return and will work with the best product ranges available. It is easy and realistic to save money while buying luxury brands.
  2. No language barrier
    There is no longer a struggle trying to talk to a taxi driver, shop assistants, tax free consultants, or anyone else for that matter. Not everyone speaks good English in Italy, so once again help is extremely important.
  3. Knowing how to get around
    Shopping tours in Rimini, Milan and Venice mainly cater for tourists. But more often than that it takes time and effort to get to the outlets and multi-brand boutiques. They are often situated outside the cities and you’ll need serious map reading skills to get there. How to book a car? Where’s the shuttle bus stop? Where to buy the tickets? At which stop to get off? Generally, one needs a help from a local to answer these questions among others. This is where the help of a personal shopper comes in useful.
  4. A personalised look
    No matter which brand or brands you go for, all the items should work together and mirror your persona. Quite often when we purchase something new we do not necessarily think about other items in our wardrobe, would they work well together, does it fit in the colour scheme? It is always better to have a second opinion, especially a professional one to avoid disappointment. Your shopping companion should at least have some notions and experience of style. Creating unique looks and select a perfectly matching and interchangeable wardrobe – is the business of a personal shopper, it’s their job.
  5. Customer satisfaction
    A personal shopper’s work is not only to create an impeccable wardrobe for you. They also build a relationship, becoming a trusted friend, who you can rely on to tell you the truth. A personal shopper’s work is not just to sell you something but to make sure that you want to wear what he’d advised over and over again when you are back home and feel fabulous.

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