What to wear this autumn 2018?

The latest trends for the upcoming autumn-winter season boast vibrant colours and powerful prints. Just because it’s starting to get cold outside it doesn’t mean you have to wear boring colours!

A personal favourite of mine this season is mixing orange and purple, or playing with different neon colours.

One of the hottest new trends is the revival of Victorian fashion using tapestry-like fabric, lace frills, golden buttons in addition to dainty dickeys.

If you prefer a more classic look then rest assured all the unforgettably iconic items like the beige trench coat, a suede macintosh or a refined cashmere jumper in a powder shade worn under an elegant coat are always timeless, available and waiting for you in the boutiques.

As far as prints are concerned, checks are this season’s highlight. Scarlet tartan is making a royal comeback to the runway this autumn.

This winter’s coolest cover-up is a faux fur coat. As well as phenomenal faux fur bags! You’ll be amazed by the multitude of colour options, prints and styles.

Playful layering is on winter 2019 style agenda. But layering up skilfully is all too often a professional stylist’s prerogative.

The hottest trend for autumn-winter 2018/2019 is the return of leopard print. Any detail or accessories with this timeless classic will make you look ultra fashionable.

Accessories will never go out of fashion. It is impossible to imagine a woman without a bag and beautiful shoes. Balenciaga, Dolce&Gabbana, Bvlgari, Valentino and many others 2018 collections make our hearts beat faster. A staple designer bag is always a good investment, anyway. But this season it’s unique sock boots that steal the show.

And the smiles are back in fashion too! Yes, you’ve read it right, almost all the models on the runways are now smiling and showing their feelings, isn’t it marvellous?

Let’s smile and make the world beautiful together!

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