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The Stylist as a means of achieving your goals: A Grey Eminence at your service, changing your life

From the time of Richelieu, plucked from the pages of Dumas’ Three Musketeers right up to the present day, the world as we know it is shaped, sculpted and seduced by many a Grey Eminence working behind the scenes. No one will see him, no one will even be aware of his existence, but his influence is immeasurable. The work of a professional stylist is akin to the work of a Grey Eminence; a veritable secret counsellor with professional ethics comparable in seriousness to those of a lawyer or cosmetic surgeon.

That’s why no one will ever see photos “ Michelle Obama trying on her dress before the inauguration” or “Kate Middleton trying on a hat with her stylist in preparation for Ascot.” – it all stays behind the closed doors of luxury boutiques and walk in wardrobes.

That’s where the real magic happens, where history is being made, where look, style and taste have become a means of achieving a dream. Only occasionally can we catch a glimpse who’s hiding behind a celebrity’s look on the the evening news, for example. And suddenly the spell is broken. We are faced with the reality that celebrities are sometimes not as innately glamorous as they seem, they simply put on something that had been pre-selected and prepared for them. But a bigger question comes to mind – where to find THE stylist. In which magic world do these magicians dwell?

The general public can only guess who’s dressing first ladies and royalty. We sometimes get hints from the media that a certain dress was chosen by a certain mysterious N, but “the secret councillor” is secret for a reason, he will always stay in the shadows.

Many stars have been born as the result of a stylist’s meticulous work. An expertly chosen dress for a very important event can mark the beginning of a new chapter in ones life. I often witness this. Clients come back to me and tell me that their life has taken a dramatic turn after their wardrobe transformation. For some this can mean a promotion at work and new found popularity with colleagues. For others it can herald the a new era in a romantic relationship that had faded into despair, and sometimes it means finally finding the ideal partner and starting a new life. For some, it can mean all of the above.

Undoubtedly change comes from within. More often than not all that is needed is a leap of faith, putting ones trust in the capabilities of a stylist and being ready and eager to change your life. Even the rich, famous and successful turn to a knowledgeable and thoughtful stylist to explore new facets of their character, make a step forward, cultivate a new dimension or shift their limits and borders.

No matter who you are, what your story is or might be a stylist is the caring hand who will put the final touch to the sentence: You are simply the best.

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