It’s been a wonderful tradition for us to visit Anastasia

It’s been a wonderful tradition for us to visit Anastasia. It’s easy to get used to good things. As always, we were absolutely sure that we’d get a perfect wardrobe and have a wonderful time.

This time we’ve asked Anastasia to prepare just a few looks, as we’ve already had a wonderful wardrobe prepared by her during our previous visits. All of the items have matched and fitted perfectly first time, which gives us more options on subsequent visits. Despite deciding to take it easy last time, I was once again absolutely amazed by the splendour of the looks that Anastasia had prepared for me. Once again, I could see for myself how talented, hard-working and creative Anastasia is at her work.

Each piece of clothing fits absolutely perfectly, the quality is outstanding and the choice is breathtaking.

I would like to thank the whole team: Anastasia’s PA, Marina; the drivers that pick us up at the airport ; the hotel staff who are always there to help; and the shop assistants who each time treat us as their most valuable clients. All the best wishes and lots of love to you all! We’ll come back very soon!