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Hat trends to know in 2019

Who is your best friend in chilly weather?
A warm hat of course!

1 . This winter a hat is not only an accessory but also a stand alone item in its own right! It does more thancompliment a look it’s what makes it unique!

Hat trends to know in 2019Hat trends to know in 2019

2. The leading positions are being taken by hats with the brands’ logos. Fendi, Gucci, Moncler, Valentino and others print, embroider and draw their logos in big letters. The message for 2019 is clear – logomania and it looks set to stay. 

Hat trends to know in 2019

3.  Life-affirming words such as  LOVE, FREEDOM, FEMME, STYLE are also celebrating a comeback on hats.

4.  Classic shapes are still in, the accent being on different knitting patterns.
Go for a lovely loose knit and you are sure to follow the general oversize trend. 

Hat trends to know in 2019

5.  Another way to freshen up your look in 2019 is by sporting a classic beanie. You can roll it up as much or as little as you wish.

Hat trends to know in 2019

6.  Baseball caps also make their appearance in the winter wardrobe; wool, fur and big brandslogos are all very popular. 

Hat trends to know in 2019

Hat trends to know in 2019

7.  Baker boy hats and baseball caps are some of this season favourites. Go for black leather ones or bright tweed. Winter versions are usually lined with fur to keep you warm. 

8.  Nothing will help you achieve that coveted French style more easily than a knit beret, plus it’s super easy to pair with any outerwear. 

Hat trends to know in 2019

Hat trends to know in 2019

9.  And last but not the least – the brighter the better!

Balaclava and hoodies are trending now as well as ski headbands.

Which one will you be sporting this winter?


TOP-5 Fashionable Down Jackets Winter 2019

Winter 2018-19 is trending a variety of warm outerwear to offer: parkas, anoraks, faux fur and the ever popular down coats and jackets.  A feather and down coat will keep you warm in any weather, they don’t take up much space in your wardrobe, they are easy to look after and really quite affordable. Here is my top 5 of this season’s ultra fashionable down coats:  

1. #oversize. Short down jackets are everywhere from high- street to luxury brands. The length varies from super short waist length jackets to a more traditional hip length, the main rule being oversize!! The bigger the better is the fashion’s current fixation.  

If the model you’ve chosen looks normal to you go for a couple of sizes bigger. If you have a slender feminine figure you can pair it with slim trousers or a chic maxi skirt for maximum effect. This trend is set to last so an oversize down jacket will be your number one fashion friend for many seasons to come.  

2. Surprisingly, along with short models overlong down coats are getting very popular too! You can wrap yourself up in as if it were a blanket and it will keep you warm in cold weather. Incidentally the trendiest versions are the oversize ones that look like a cocoon. 

3. Many fashion brands are experimenting with length and fabric this season. Thus we’ve recently seen the arrival of ultra light stretch down coats. They have elastic inside that makes the coat fit perfectly and retain heat. It’s so light, warm and packable that it’s extremely convenient to carry when travelling, plus it doesn’t crease! 

Anastasia Slabunova

 4. When it comes to colour this season everyone shares the same opinion. The brighter the better. Dazzling bold colours are bang on trend. A down coat in pink, red, orange, yellow, purple or any other vibrant colour won’t have you go unnoticed.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour as this winter is the best season for those of us who love bright colours.  

Anastasia Slabunova

5. A light colour down jacket has become a separate trend in the current season. Pure white is as popular as ever. Some brands exploit this and have turned white to pearl, making you sparkle in the summer sun, looking glamorous and spectacular! 


A complete Makeover

Like TV makeover shows?

Seeing a lady get a new wardrobe, beauty treatments, a new hairstyle and makeup from top stylists as well as some help from a therapist, on her way to a happier life? 

We might not know for sure what happens to her after the show, but we do see that she’s definitely taken a step towards greater self-love.

This is just the step you too can take in «A complete Makeover» with me.


We’ll start with a complete wardrobe transformation, when you get 15-20 looks where all the pieces don’t just match each other perfectly but combine to make yet another set of great outfits!

Next, a team of Italian professionals will work their magic to provide an unforgettable makeover experience, as seen on TV. You will receive advice from top stylists on hair colour as they create your perfect hair style!

Then comes a consultation with leading Guerlain, YSL, Chanel, and Sisley makeup artists – you’ll look and feel not just like a TV star but like a Hollywood star! 

You’ll then have a chance to show off your brand new look in a classy Italian bar, where we’ll chat over a glass of Prosecco.

Sounds good? Try me – and be ready to meet the new you!



How I became a personal shopper

The Italians like to say that life is not about roses and flowers; but I’ve always tried to see only the good. I would rather see the beauty in life than anything else.

I married Andrea and moved to Italy ten years ago, not without a little apprehension not least because at the time I didn’t know a word of Italian – but with my beloved husband by my side and my dream in my pocket I made the jump from St Petersburg to Venice. For a year before the move I had been dreaming of Italy and becoming a personal stylist, so much so it would keep me awake at night. Back home I had taken some courses, done wardrobes for friends, but I hadn’t had a real client.

I knew that before I could get started on realising my dream I would have to learn some Italian. I got a job at a big multinational and started doing just that. Nowthe very idea brings a smile to my face but at the time it was not funny at all. It was a rough start. From the very first day a couple of female colleagues took a disliking to me and began talking about me behind my back. I felt alone, as if no-one would understand me, like no one had experienced this before. But it was not all bad, my male colleagues were attentive, kind and would help even when I didn’t ask for it. I was determined to only see the kindness, but forever putting on a brave face wears you down, it got to the point that never a day went by without me being in tears.

Through it all I never let go my dream, I kept repeating to myself that I would learn the language soon and become a personal stylist. More than anything I wanted to be someone in Italy, not just being the wife of an Italian. I never stopped believing in myself. Every morning I’d dry my tears, put on my pencil skirt and go to work.

A year later, when finally, my Italian came good, I understood that the time had come. As I left the company’s building for the last time I felt lighter, taller and full of hope. I was finally on the way to meet my dream. It was spring time, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I was heading to the street where the best boutiques in town were found, feeling happy.

Anastasia Slabunova

Success story : the beginning

‘Her life’s dream’ is the mantra that would keep going in my head creating luxury wardrobes.  Create harmonious looks and bring happiness to people’s lives with my work.

First things first, I had some questions to answer. What would I expect and be worried about coming to a foreign country perhaps for the first time? How would I feel putting myself in the hands of a personal stylist? Would flitting from shop to shop, trying trousers in one, blouses in another, shoes in a third be something that I would appreciate? How would clients see a whole look together and see that the day had been tailored to them? Could I get a client to trust me?

The answer to these questions: the ‘Full Harmonious Wardrobe’ – nothing short of providing perfection. I knew I would have to think through and select in advance, not only the main elements of the style, but all the details – scarves, belts and the like, creating different looks for any occasion and situation, every meteorological condition and suitable for every country. All that and making sure that everything matches, crafting an individual style that shows off a client’s best qualities not only their figure but also their personality. My goal was and is that once back home a client wouldn’t need to go shopping or make further purchases.

I began to examine ranges in various boutiques but this proved easier said than done. There were difficulties at every turn. Some shops had limited ranges, others did not understand the necessity of reserving clothes in advance. One major problem was proving to people that there was even a demand for a personal stylist. In fact, it felt like most boutiques in 2008 did not understand what I was even talking about, like I was talking Chinese.

What’s more, ten years ago I didn’t own anything from either Dolce or Gabana. Yes, I was a stylish lady, but my clothes were purchased on high street. More than once people looked down their noses at me. When this happened, I would cross this particular boutique off my list, if they didn’t treat me with respect, I couldn’t be sure that they would not treat my clients the same way.  Being a successful personal stylist is all about creating and maintaining relationships, with boutiques as well as clients. I had a clear idea of how I wanted to work, creating fully functional wardrobe and allowing the client to try everything on in one place. But the boutiques wouldn’t accept these terms.

Only my dream was keeping my heart warm, lighting the fire and empowering me to move forward and not give up.

And then, when my energy and enthusiasm were fading I received a phone call.

Anastasia Slabunova

My first partnership with an Italian boutique

On the other end there was a man, he introduced himself as the owner of one of the biggest multibrand boutique chains in the region. My heart started beating faster, I was full of emotions. I don’t remember our conversation very well but when I hung up, I was holding a note in my hand, a note with a date and a time for our first meting.

Two days later, I laid out my proposition: to prepare a client’s full wardrobe, in advance, offering a discount on new collections and working during the hours convenient for my customers. They listened eagerly. This kind of partnership with a stylist was new and unusual for the boutiques but I managed to convince them about the prospects of our relationship development. From then on, we began working together.

At the same time, I started creating my first website, I had to get the word out to potential clients about myself and my exclusive services. At first it was a very modest webpage with my approach to shopping and some photographs of wardrobes created for my friends.

Apart from talking to boutiques and launching the website, I was looking at other partnerships and business development. I tried to talk to the hotels in Venice but to be honest they were not very keen on talking to me. I would go from one hotel to another, with business cards and my website talking about how my service was unique but in responses would vary from strange looks to absolute incomprehension. It was draining. One of these days I came back home, wet through from the rain and tears, I remember that in despair I wrote to my close friend saying I was a looser, all my attempts were in vein and people were laughing in my face… There and then she told me the most important words in my life “Lots of people in you place, would stay on the sofa and dream their dreams. You got up from the sofa and are knocking on all the doors, you will see that it will pay off”. I took heart from the truth in these few sentences; feeling sorry about myself, crying and falling into despair is not for me.

While wiping my tears, I received an email, as a sign from above – a letter from a first client! She had lots of questions, but importantly she was ready to come, and we agreed on a date.

Anastasia Slabunova

Personal shopper services and first clients

The day before the shopping with my first client I was checking carefully all the prepared outfits surprisingly it felt like I had been doing this all my life. I’ve never had this feeling before at any of my previous jobs. My first client was of modest means and was not too chatty, but, I saw how, while trying all the outfits she was transformed. Her eyes would light up I managed to guess her wishes and all the wardrobe fitted nicely.

Believe it or not, the perfect size is still something that keeps astonishing my clients most of all – they are often shocked that I can choose the right size having never met them. In fact, there is no magic behind it because each client sends all his or her measurements in advance.

The memories and details of the first day are a little hazy. It seems that the emotions were so strong, but since then the only idea stayed with me; when you really want something, the universe will help you!

Paulo Coelho was absolutely right!

The next two clients were very difficult. Undoubtedly, if I didn’t believe in my dream I would have given up. Client E openly nitpicked, looking for problems and mistakes. She would confuse me with inexplicable comments, she couldn’t comprehend at all that I was sincerely interested in the process and I wanted to create the best wardrobe possible for her at the best price. As hard as she looked she couldn’t find any snags in what I had chosen for her, this made her angrier and angrier.

Client A. was not ideal either. She was literally trying to convince me that all the prepared outfits didn’t suit her, probably her low self esteem couldn’t let her look at herself objectively, or maybe she was testing my professionalism. As for me I was certain that everything that I prepared for her was spot on. Even all the shop assistants at the boutique were in awe of all the looks but she wouldn’t change her mind, even though she bought everything…

The end of this shopping day was more than unexpected….

  1. told me that she now could work as a personal shopper in the country she lived herself – Europe. And she came to see how she should be working.

I was in shock…

Anastasia Slabunova

My first designer clothes

The reward for all these difficult moments was my fourth client M. It was a real delight. This is how I remember my day with her. She was absolutely amazed by all the looks that I had prepared for her, she was astonished how all the prepared outfits matched and complimented each other. She understood the quality of what she was trying on, she couldn’t help being surprised of how it all worked together, how all the details worked together and how elegant and sophisticated looks for a business lady could be.

I was snowed under with her compliments, she was thrilled with all my work, her words gave me wings. And confirmed that I was on the right path, that my services were appreciated, and there was a demand. And that my services bring delight and happiness to other women! I am eternally grateful to you, M., for not sparing you words and emotions and passing them onto me so many years ago.

I remember very well how I was dressed that day; a simple pencil skirt and a modest white blouse. I also remember how awkward I felt because my client was dressed in more expensive clothes, but my heart was burning with a dream, making people more beautiful and more confident. M was looking in my eyes with respect and gratitude. This day will stay with me forever as the happiest day in my life. It’s after this client that for the first time in my life I bought myself an expensive dress so that this feeling of success and beauty would not leave me for a second.

My first designer dress was from Diane von Furstenberg. That was definitely the moment of truth, it completely transformed my mind, it gave me confidence, I knew that from now on I’d be able to treat myself to luxury clothes from my favourite designers, and not just choose them for my clients.

I was wearing Diane von Furstenberg dress all the season. Can you imagine it is still perfect, the quality speaks for itself. I keep it as a sacred relics, a reminder, that it was my first sensible investment in clothes, bought with the money I earned doing my dream job.

Designer dress purchase opened me the door to the world of luxury designer clothes for myself. Straight after I bought Miu Miu sandals and, Oh My God! my first Dolce&Gabbana bag. Actually, we are still together and inseparable, I believe it brings me good luck. And when I buy new clothes, I still believe that less is more.

Anastasia Slabunova

Italian Fashion Academy

The first year working as a personal shopper swished by. Amazingly, I still remember all my clients from those times, when shopping together was bringing us so many emotions, and I was totally immersed in the world of style, fashion and beauty. I was ready to work 24 hours a day with short breaks for Italian pasta and prosecco.

A year and a half later I finally decided that I deserved a holiday. I did not hesitate for a second that I’d spend it in Russia with my dearest people in the world – my parents. A week away with the loved ones flew by and here I was walking again through Marco Polo Airport in Venice, looking forward to seeing my husband again! At this very moment my telephone rang…

My dream was calling me…The Italian Fashion Academy was calling me. The very Academy I was dreaming about the very first days I arrived in Italy. I was dreaming of studying there, learning about all the subtleties of this profession, all the distinctive features of haute couture and diversity of fashion designs. I was hoping I could afford at least a short-term course. But unfortunately, it was out of my budget at the time. That’s why I let go off this dream as a beautiful balloon. I just tirelessly worked hard, trying to get as much information as I could from books, magazines, leading fashion houses websites. It looked like, my imaginary balloon, filled with my thoughts, had reached the addressee, as it was The Fashion Academy who was calling me! They were not offering me a place on a course, no! The Academy was telling me that they’d heard a lot about my work and professional success and would like to invite me to give lectures! The Academy was looking for new areas of development and was interested in practicing stylists, not just those teaching the theory. They were opening a new course based on theory and practice called “Image-consultant” and wanted me to apply among other candidates as they’d heard so much about me.

After this phone call I was not able to put the pieces back together for a few minutes. I was not sure anymore if I was still in Russia, in Italy or it was just a dream. I remember bursting into tears holding a cold espresso in my hands, remember being so grateful to the Universe, millions of words of gratitude going through my head. Sometime later, having passed all the stages of the interview process, I officially started working for the Academy as a lecturer.

This is how my personal non-stop marathon began.

Every weekend I was writing the course outline in Italian. Well, I was actually dictating my thoughts to my husband and he was writing everything down as my written Italian was at the time far from being perfect.

It was incredible time! We were spending the evenings and week-ends working together without feeling tired or scared or lazy. We were walking hand in hand towards our dream, my darling husband never had any doubts about my aspirations. He believed in me and in my potential and he was supporting me like anyone else!

I was teaching the Italians, it was important to be extremely well prepared with the theoretical part and the practice since some of my clients were the boutique owners in Venice.

Andrea was amazing, he was fully aware that it would have been so much more difficult for me without his help. Instead of spending his weekend at the beach and enjoying his free time he was really trying to fully understand all the intricate details of my profession.

And I really needed his support especially with the beginning of the academic year. I started giving lectures  and I was combining the work as a teacher with the work of a stylist.

A year later we were celebrating my students’ graduation! I literally fell in love with my first students, we were on the same wavelength and became very close.

Surprisingly, in life as at work, positive experiences rub shoulders with difficult situations.

So, literally from the first days of the second academic year I was struggling with the course full of spoiled young girls whose parents were paying for their studies.

They weren’t doing their homework at all, were chatting during the lectures and didn’t seem to be putting any effort into the studies, for them a stylist’s job was all about flicking trough a fashion magazine no strings attached.

When the practice began the girls started complaining how hard it was, they were not expecting this work to be so physically and psychologically demanding.

Witnessing this kind of attitude, I was on the verge of giving up myself.

I was keener on investing my time and energy into my clients than into hopeless daddy’s girls.

But the Academy insisted on continuing the course as the interest in this field was only growing and they asked me toexpand the course andincrease the hours.

Anastasia Slabunova

 My dream job and pregnancy

I had a clear understanding that there was no coming back for me, I was there to overcome all the difficulties and win.

Yes, it was extremely difficult for me to work on the second year, but I kept telling myself that I was doing the job of my dream and if I were to become a real professional who continuously develop his skills I should complete my work with my head held up high. Therefore, I devoted even more energy to teaching, despite the fact that there was so little time left for my family and my clients.

The third year was the recompense for all my hard work and perseverance.

It brought me so much satisfaction, the students were so inspiringthat it fully made up for all the efforts put into the preparation.

Moreover, while working with the third year, I learned that I was pregnant with Sofia.

Inspired by this news and fulfilling work, I used to work

12 hours a day, everything seemed possible and easy to me!

Unfortunately, at the 7th month of pregnancy my life proved me otherwise, I could not walk and had to stay in bed for the rest of the pregnancy….

Perhaps some external forces were showing me that it was time to slow down, that it was impossible to constantly live at such a hectic pace!

So, I realised that it was time to quit teaching. Knowing that I had achieved a lot and proved everything I needed to myself.

Working full time, teaching and raising a child – was too much.

Since then I have created thousands of wardrobes!

My expertise was growing stronger and so were my clients.

I’ve known most of them for many years.

I’ve established a strong partnership with a network of multi-brand boutiques, their incredible range allowing to create endless variations of wardrobes for various occasions.

Over the years, I’ve managed to build a special offer for my clients, it has even become one of a kind!

I am sincerely proud that I can offer the service of the highest level and as proof of that I keep receiving the most kind and genuine sings of appreciation from the customers!

Anastasia Slabunova




My name is Anastasia Slabunova, I live in Italy. I’ve been working as a personal shopper-stylist since 2009 as well as giving lectures in Italian Fashion Academy – Accademia del Lusso.

You undoubtfully know that Italy is the place for fantastic clothes shopping. If you know where to go. Having visited different parts of Italy, I realised that the best shopping is in small and wealthy cities in the North of Italy where many generations of affluent Italians live.

Here you’ll find luxury boutiques; single or multi-brand shops where the locals go.

Hidden away from the tourist hoards, they offer an extensive range of world class brands, eager to do everything possible to satisfy their clients and make them want to come back for more.

For almost 10 years I’ve been in the trade I’ve established exclusive relationships with many of the most important boutiques and hence they are happy to offer 22 percent VAT return for my clients, not just 11% Tax Free as most of other shops do. In addition, I offer my personal 10% discount. What’s more I prepare all the outfits for my clients in advance and they are reserved for them until the day when their session is booked.

These are the best shopping terms you can get in Italy! My experience is hundreds of wardrobes a year for almost 10 years. Most of my clients come back to me at least once a year and I see some of them every season.

Why not try it out for yourself? I am sure that I’ll be able to select you a wardrobe that will transform your life and keep you happy day after day!

Five reasons to shop with me:

  1. Stylish wardrobe: all the items are interchangeable and match with each other
  2. My personal shopper’s discount applicable to all your purchases
  3. VAT saving: 22% VAT return, rather than the standard 11% tax free, for all my clients traveling from outside of the EU
  4. Sales start a month earlier with me!
  5. Shopping in one day – I prepare everything in advance and you only need one day.


Shopping with a personal shopper is cost efficient and fascinating!

When I prepare all the outfits for you I consider your wishes, your figure type, your lifestyle, your profession, your character, budget, season trends and much more. Shopping with a stylist is a guarantee that all the purchased items will bring you satisfaction and you’ll keep wearing them day after day, it will fit perfectly and will pay you back with admiring looks, compliments, maybe promotion at work and many other surprises!

I will advise you on what suits you best and answer any of your fashion questions during the shopping experience, everything is included in the price. I am not selling you a lecture about figure type, colour scheme and style, I deliver the result.

You save time and money. I can guarantee you a fully functional wardrobe and excellent company!


And most importantly – a personal shopper is not only for Hollywood stars!

Today I have clients with different income who come to Italy on holidays, for work or for shopping as Italy is known to be one of the worlds fashion capitals! They all understand that if they want to spend their money wisely and not to fall into pitfalls the help of a personal shopper is indispensable.

I offer a thoroughly prepared and functional wardrobe, where all the looks are complimentary and interchangeable, where each accessory plays an important role and adds the final touch.

I save you time and money as the boutiques know me, appreciate my business and give you an extra discount thus the cost of my services as a personal shopper is instantly paid off.

When you use my services, I guarantee that your money will be well spent and apart from your new wardrobe you’ll bring back unforgettable memories. It does not matter how big your budget is €3,000, €5,000 or €20,000 what matters is the way you spend it.

When you work with a professional you can be sure of the result:

  • Money well spent
  • Fully functional wardrobe
  • Fantastic time and wonderful holidays!

More questions? Get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Yours faithfully,

Anastasia Slabunova


Capsule wardrobe : general rules

A wardrobe bursting with clothes is every woman’s dream; but this abundance does not necessarily mean that you can throw together an elegant look for any occasion. However, a capsule wardrobe allows you to do just that.
The idea of the capsule wardrobe is to have a relatively small number of interchangeable items and only that.
Is this your wardrobe?

Blog Looks Shopper

The Stylist as a means of achieving your goals: A Grey Eminence at your service, changing your life

From the time of Richelieu, plucked from the pages of Dumas’ Three Musketeers right up to the present day, the world as we know it is shaped, sculpted and seduced by many a Grey Eminence working behind the scenes. No one will see him, no one will even be aware of his existence, but his influence is immeasurable. The work of a professional stylist is akin to the work of a Grey Eminence; a veritable secret counsellor with professional ethics comparable in seriousness to those of a lawyer or cosmetic surgeon.

That’s why no one will ever see photos “ Michelle Obama trying on her dress before the inauguration” or “Kate Middleton trying on a hat with her stylist in preparation for Ascot.” – it all stays behind the closed doors of luxury boutiques and walk in wardrobes.

That’s where the real magic happens, where history is being made, where look, style and taste have become a means of achieving a dream. Only occasionally can we catch a glimpse who’s hiding behind a celebrity’s look on the the evening news, for example. And suddenly the spell is broken. We are faced with the reality that celebrities are sometimes not as innately glamorous as they seem, they simply put on something that had been pre-selected and prepared for them. But a bigger question comes to mind – where to find THE stylist. In which magic world do these magicians dwell?

The general public can only guess who’s dressing first ladies and royalty. We sometimes get hints from the media that a certain dress was chosen by a certain mysterious N, but “the secret councillor” is secret for a reason, he will always stay in the shadows.

Many stars have been born as the result of a stylist’s meticulous work. An expertly chosen dress for a very important event can mark the beginning of a new chapter in ones life. I often witness this. Clients come back to me and tell me that their life has taken a dramatic turn after their wardrobe transformation. For some this can mean a promotion at work and new found popularity with colleagues. For others it can herald the a new era in a romantic relationship that had faded into despair, and sometimes it means finally finding the ideal partner and starting a new life. For some, it can mean all of the above.

Undoubtedly change comes from within. More often than not all that is needed is a leap of faith, putting ones trust in the capabilities of a stylist and being ready and eager to change your life. Even the rich, famous and successful turn to a knowledgeable and thoughtful stylist to explore new facets of their character, make a step forward, cultivate a new dimension or shift their limits and borders.

No matter who you are, what your story is or might be a stylist is the caring hand who will put the final touch to the sentence: You are simply the best.


Why you need a shopping companion in Italy

If you plan on going clothes, shoe or anything else shopping abroad, it is often quite difficult to get the best opinions on which shopping centres, shops and boutiques are worth visiting.
Especially if we talk about popular shopping destinations in Italy such as Rimini or Milan.
Help is indispensable.