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If you’ve been following Milan Fashion Week 2019 you will not have missed the Dolce&Gabanna
spring ready to wear fashion show. “Each one of us is the king or queen of our lives!” – Dolce
declared. The show featured high-profile curvy models Monica Bellucci, Lady Kitty, Lori Harvey to
name a few. I applaud them for being such an inspiration!

D&G have shown us that the world of beauty and fashion is embracing each and everyone of us, no
matter our age, shape, size!
Plus-size models might be the exception rather than the rule on catwalks, but I’ve been creating
looks for curvy, veluptuous models for many years. My clients with beautiful, curvaceous form often
tell me that fashion designers do not cater for them and that’s the main reason why it is so
challenging for them to find a multifunctioning wardrobe.
Women either suffer for years trying to lose weight in order to put on elegant designer
clothes, or have to, resignedly, choose a wardrobe that fits but does not necessarily suit.
And I am absolutely certain that you can feel and look fabulous whatever your shape and size. And it
is possible to create a perfect multifunctional wardrobe for any curves or the lack of them
I’ve been working with women with rounder figures for many years, and more often than not
women are really surprised to see how elegant and trendy they can look. It is not some unobtainable
dream, it could be you too! And what’s more we are not talking just about high fashion clothes, but
clothes that flatter your figure and fit with your lifestyle!
Here is one of the latest looks I’ve created for a client. Isn’t Anna gorgeous?

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