Shopping in Italy: creating a functional and stylish wardrobe, personalised to your lifestyle and tastes.

An initial consultation via email/telephone/Skype will allow me to identify your requirements, budget and expectations. From this, I’ll put together a personalised profile to get the most from your body shape, to compliment your character and to suit your lifestyle, habits and preferences. This is a bespoke service, designed to suit you as an individual, I create each client’s profile from scratch.

I’ll then accompany you (on a shopping trip) to select your new wardrobe, I will give advice on how to wear the latest trends, to draw the most from your natural style.

My experience means that I can guarantee results which will save you time and money; and ensure that you feel confident with your new look.

What you wear forms an important part of other people’s impression of you, so if you want to be noticed for the right reasons, exude confidence and look great, then do get in touch.

The shopping trip takes one day, allowing you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your time in Italy, making the most of your new look. Once home, not only will you have benefited from a relaxing holiday, you’ll receive compliments about your tan, but also your style transformation.

Business trip service

If you are travelling to Italy on a business trip and need a wardrobe update, then my services offer a great opportunity. I can find you a style solution to suit any occasion, professional or otherwise. A good sense of style is one of the fastest ways in which people make judgements about professional credibility. Let me help you dress for success.

Additional services

Personalised/unique tour of Venice
Makeover package – new look, new hairstyle, new you
Professional photo shoot of your shopping experience and holiday — the model in the picture is you!

Wedding service

Wedding dresses and tuxedos for your big day

It’s well worth considering buying your wedding dress in Italy as the range is truly breath-taking, caters to all tastes and body shapes, and can suit any budget.

I work with one of the largest bridal salon chains in Italy, which offers a choice of hundreds of styles and sizes. Upon your arrival in Italy, I’ll prepare a selection of dresses to suit your personality, preferences and body shape, ensuring that each dress will fit perfectly, saving you time.

Additionally, I can offer dresses from Valentino, Ralf Lauren and other designers

While you’re here, why not take advantage of the picturesque scenery and also book in a photo shoot of your big day in Italy. Beautiful memories for you, your friends and family.