Anastasia, please tell us how it all works.

To start with we’ll choose a mutually convenient date. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment especially during sales. Before your arrival I will put together few personalised looks to suit your budget, expectations, lifestyle, habits and preferences and of course this seasons latest You’ll be able to mix and match all the items and accessories without the fear of making a fashion faux pas. You’ll walk away with a complete multifunctional wardrobe for the season without any superfluous pieces.

All fittings will take place in the same boutique where all the carefully selected garments and accessories will be waiting for you. As you try the selected pieces, I will help you to choose the ones that are best suited to you. This process means that you don’t waste precious time and energy shopping.

What if I don’t like what you’ve selected for me?

In five years of working as a personal shopper I’ve never had a client who has not bought anything. More often than not, clients wish that their budget would allow them to purchase everything I have selected, and what’s more they come back. I have several loyal clients who book their shopping experience with me each season.

– What exactly is a wardrobe? How many looks does it consist of? Could you give an example?

For each client I prepare a bespoke wardrobe designed to suit him or her as individuals. As I prepare each client’s profile from scratch it is difficult to know in advance how many items and what kind of looks there will be. But I can guarantee that it will feature functional looks with easily interchangeable items. Below you’ll find an example of a wardrobe bought by one of my clients. The total cost was less than €5000 and she received 22% tax return at the airport when leaving Italy (as she was flying outside the EU).

  • Trouser suit Dolce&Gabbana
  • Top Balenciaga
  • Тоp Dolce&Gabbana
  • Scarf Balenciaga
  • Silk blouse Тory Burch
  • Jeans J Brand
  • Cardigan Diane von Furstenberg
  • Jacket Boglioli
  • Dress Diane von Furstenberg
  • Dress Dolce&Gabbana
  • Shoes Prada
  • Skirt DSquared
  • Belt Dolce&Gabbana
  • Cashmere sweater Bruno Manetti
  • Silk blouse Fendi
  • Trousers True Royal

 How much money should I expect to spend on my new wardrobe? What’s the minimum budget? What’s does an average customer spend with you?

It depends on what you need. The above mentioned wardrobe replacing the designer garments with non-designer brands would come in at around €2500-3500, although I would still guarantee the highest Italian quality.For extra €1500-2500 you could add a coat and a statement bag. On a lower budget it becomes difficult to put together a complete, functional wardrobe with interchangeable and matching items. The budget certainly depends on your aspirations: would you need an overcoat? and what type? Are you after the it-bag? A practical luxury brand wardrobe with shoes, coat and accessories would cost around €9000 – €12000.

–  How long does the personal shopping experience last? Can I book two days?

It might be hard to believe but you do not need two days. On average it takes 4-5 hours for a person to “get dressed”. Because I prepare everything in advance, time is not wasted hopping around the city in search of the “matching pants”. All you need to do is to try on all the proposed outfits and choose your favourites. Please be assured that while saving time we never compromise on the quality — this has always been my top priority.

Do you offer additional discounts? Can I pay cash, by card?

All my clients take advantage of my trade discount, thus the cost of my services is fully compensated. I accept payment by cash or card. Please note that payment in cash over €1000 is prohibited for Schengen citizens.

Do you do tax-free for the Non-EU citizens?

Tax-free shopping is available for my non-EU clients shopping in Italy. The tax paid can either be refunded at the airport or directly into your bank account. You simply need to produce whichever form of identification you used to enter Italy.

ONLY FOR MY CLIENTS: full VAT return for luxury brands 22% ( instead of 11% tax free in Italy).

– Will we visit warehouses, factories or outlets?

I do not offer tours to warehouses, factories or outlets. Although they offer good prices, it is extremely challenging to select a fully functioning and good quality wardrobe from warehouses, factories or outlets… Outlets only stock last season’s unsold collections, meaning they cannot offer the most suitable outfits for the coming season. Warehouses and factories offer limited choice in terms of style and sizes. As a personal shopper, my aim is to present a personalized, functional and high quality wardrobe for each client individually.

– I am going to visit Milan/Rome/Rimini. Can I book a session with you there?

I only work in the Venice region. You’ll find one of the best boutiques here not crowded with tourists, offering excellent choice and outstanding service. I have found that clients are happy to travel from Milan, Bologna, Rome, Rimini and other cities in Italy, because the transport network makes it easy and quick, and after oneday of shoppingyou can enjoy the rest your holidays with a well-deserved sense of achievement and a brand new wardrobe.

– Can you help with wholesale export from Italy

I am sorry but I am unable to assist with bulk buying requests. I do not work with companies or wholesale outlets and I do not offer consulting services.

If you have any other questions please get in touch