Capsule wardrobe : general rules

A wardrobe bursting with clothes is every woman’s dream; but this abundance does not necessarily mean that you can throw together an elegant look for any occasion. However, a capsule wardrobe allows you to do just that.
The idea of the capsule wardrobe is to have a relatively small number of interchangeable items and only that.
Is this your wardrobe? When a skirt, blouse, or pair of shoes matches more than 3 other items in your own.
Or do you only wear a certain blouse with a certain skirt?

A capsule wardrobe gives you the maximum number of outfts suitable for any occasion. Every day you’ll have a different outft, that will look new and refreshing – how is this possible? Follow the professional advice below and you’ll always look great and feel fabulous – and hopefully with a bit of extra space in your closet.Anastasia Slabunova

Capsule wardrobe : general rules

  1. Choose your style. First step – look at your clothes and ask yourself – what initiated this purchase? Choose your style icon – an actress or a famous person, whose style you admire – this is your base to build your capsule wardrobe on.
  2. Have a good and thorough spring clean. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of a few essential but interchangeable items. If such items do not exist in your wardrobe start from scratch: start meticulously choosing your clothes and accessories. If you want to know how read on.
  3. A functional wardrobe is also about choosing one or two basic colours. Choose your colour scheme according to how much time you spend at work and how much you spend elsewhere. Perform your own ‘four season analysis’ – you can find more information online. Every person is diferent, but the general rule is to
    choose one or two base colours that go with everything, such as black, white, brown, grey, or navy. Each woman is diferent, with a diferent fgure and a diferent lifestyle. But there are some universal rules that anyone can follow, even the latest fashion trends.

You should have:

  1. A trouser suit in a masculine style. It’s the latest trend especially with a white light feminine blouse. It is perfect for any occasion. It’s all about a masculine look tailored to a feminine figure.
  2. A classic skirt – a pencil skirt for example. Feel free to choose the length, but the most iconic version is a knee-length skirt that slightly covers the knee while seated.
  3. A white shirt or a blouse. Very feminine, light and elegant – it will highlight your natural beauty and match pretty much any other colour in your collection. One piece of advice – smile when you try it on and choose a blouse that is slightly darker in colour than your tooth enamel, this will make your smile look ultra white.
  4.  A dress. A good dress will show of your fgure to its full advantage and will conceal any imperfections. For example, a shirt dress is fattering on a curvy figure, and a pencil dress will create a beautiful silhouette. A dress is an ideal item, you’ll just need shoes and accessories to complete the look.
  5. Jeans. They are an essential item in a modern capsule wardrobe. Everyday clothes for any occasion. Blue jeans with a jumper can add a feminine touch, paired with a tweed jacket or checked shirt – it’s your casual look.
  6. A white T-shirt with a print or without it. No city capsule wardrobe is complete without it. Boyfriend style T-shirts look great on a feminine figure.

Fashionable accessories

Perfect accent accessories complete your look. The must haves are:

  1. A clutch bag. This mini-bag is perfect for hanging out with friends as well as
    for a romantic date.
  2. Belts, at least two. One for work (go for darks colours with a sober buckle) and
    another one for light dresses – a little brighter from interesting textured
  3. Tights. Light or Dark but without lycra – it can deform the silhouette.
  4. Gloves. Light gloves for autumn and warmer ones for winter – brown, grey,

And finally.

Don’t try to cut out the corners. Fashionable capsule wardrobe must rhyme with the highest quality and it’s absolutely worth the money. It is a collection of essential items of clothing that would not go out of fashion, and therefore can be worn for multiple seasons making sure you always look and feel fabulous.

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