My name is Anastasia Slabunova, I live in Italy. I’ve been working as a personal shopper-stylist since 2009 as well as giving lectures in Italian Fashion Academy – Accademia del Lusso.

You undoubtfully know that Italy is the place for fantastic clothes shopping. If you know where to go. Having visited different parts of Italy, I realised that the best shopping is in small and wealthy cities in the North of Italy where many generations of affluent Italians live.

Here you’ll find luxury boutiques; single or multi-brand shops where the locals go.

Hidden away from the tourist hoards, they offer an extensive range of world class brands, eager to do everything possible to satisfy their clients and make them want to come back for more.

For almost 10 years I’ve been in the trade I’ve established exclusive relationships with many of the most important boutiques and hence they are happy to offer 22 percent VAT return for my clients, not just 11% Tax Free as most of other shops do. In addition, I offer my personal 10% discount. What’s more I prepare all the outfits for my clients in advance and they are reserved for them until the day when their session is booked.

These are the best shopping terms you can get in Italy! My experience is hundreds of wardrobes a year for almost 10 years. Most of my clients come back to me at least once a year and I see some of them every season.

Why not try it out for yourself? I am sure that I’ll be able to select you a wardrobe that will transform your life and keep you happy day after day!

Five reasons to shop with me:

  1. Stylish wardrobe: all the items are interchangeable and match with each other
  2. My personal shopper’s discount applicable to all your purchases
  3. VAT saving: 22% VAT return, rather than the standard 11% tax free, for all my clients traveling from outside of the EU
  4. Sales start a month earlier with me!
  5. Shopping in one day – I prepare everything in advance and you only need one day.


Shopping with a personal shopper is cost efficient and fascinating!

When I prepare all the outfits for you I consider your wishes, your figure type, your lifestyle, your profession, your character, budget, season trends and much more. Shopping with a stylist is a guarantee that all the purchased items will bring you satisfaction and you’ll keep wearing them day after day, it will fit perfectly and will pay you back with admiring looks, compliments, maybe promotion at work and many other surprises!

I will advise you on what suits you best and answer any of your fashion questions during the shopping experience, everything is included in the price. I am not selling you a lecture about figure type, colour scheme and style, I deliver the result.

You save time and money. I can guarantee you a fully functional wardrobe and excellent company!


And most importantly – a personal shopper is not only for Hollywood stars!

Today I have clients with different income who come to Italy on holidays, for work or for shopping as Italy is known to be one of the worlds fashion capitals! They all understand that if they want to spend their money wisely and not to fall into pitfalls the help of a personal shopper is indispensable.

I offer a thoroughly prepared and functional wardrobe, where all the looks are complimentary and interchangeable, where each accessory plays an important role and adds the final touch.

I save you time and money as the boutiques know me, appreciate my business and give you an extra discount thus the cost of my services as a personal shopper is instantly paid off.

When you use my services, I guarantee that your money will be well spent and apart from your new wardrobe you’ll bring back unforgettable memories. It does not matter how big your budget is €3,000, €5,000 or €20,000 what matters is the way you spend it.

When you work with a professional you can be sure of the result:

  • Money well spent
  • Fully functional wardrobe
  • Fantastic time and wonderful holidays!

More questions? Get in touch and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Yours faithfully,

Anastasia Slabunova

Plus size

If you’ve been following Milan Fashion Week 2019 you will not have missed the Dolce&Gabanna
spring ready to wear fashion show. “Each one of us is the king or queen of our lives!” – Dolce
declared. The show featured high-profile curvy models Monica Bellucci, Lady Kitty, Lori Harvey to
name a few. I applaud them for being such an inspiration!

Milan Fashion week (autumn 2018)

It is an absolutely incredible feeling, almost like I’ve been away on a long journey.

These few days at the Milan Fashion week have just stormed by filled as they were with astonishing encounters and the latest fashion trends.

Colourful images follow each other in quick succession like in a film strip that I run over and over again in my mind.

For the last seven days Milan became the most fashionable city in the world. Everything that happens during the fashion week may look like an amazing fairy tale come to life, but this fairy tale is a result of meticulous, carefully planned and orchestrated work.

Fashion Week is like a non-stop carnival, but instead of the carnival costumes and venetian masks, it’s the kingdom of ultramodern or even futuristic looks.

I was expecting that Milan would entice big crowds, but I could not even imagine the scale of it.

Photographers flashing their cameras, people speaking different languages.

Dainty models fluttering from one show to another looking extremely slim, I’d say they look exhausted. During the fashion week they are working from before the sun comes up until long after it goes down. There is always a mad dash to get to the next show on time. They can do up to 5-10 shows a day. As glamorous and exciting as it can look from the outside, being a model is a lot of hard work and dedication.

Celebrities inundate the streets of Milan, and their concentration per square meter is just overwhelming.

I’ve seen so many of them – world number one blogger Chiara Ferragni with her husband Fedez, gorgeous Julianne Moore, handsome Armie Hammer, fashion industry goddess Anna Wintour, pop-idol Rita Ora, stunning Vincent Cassel, bloggers such as Linda Tol, Leonie Hanne, Tamu Mcpherson and many others.

Celebrities are being constantly photographed. You can feel how physically exhausting it is for them, but they stay strong, this is their moment, their job.

On top of it all, according to unstated agreement of the fashion world, dress code for the summer fashion week is winter/autumn collection, with the thermometer reaching the high of 31 degrees Celsius in Milan!

All the fashionistas were just sweltering in their warm clothes.

In February it will be the opposite. Best summer looks will flood the street in winter when it is cold and windy outside. This has long become the reality, the price to pay to be part of the game called “fashion”.

I “was taking out” my new black wool and camel Balenciaga sweater, white fur coat and trendy leather culottes, personal look being your best asset!

I felt like a real celebrity too!

Hundreds of photographers at fashion shows or just in the street were asking me to pose. Paparazzi were surrounding me and the clicking of cameras was heard everywhere.

It was so unexpected, I was a little bit taken aback at first, but gradually got used to it and completely enjoyed the experience. Now you’ll be able to see a familiar face in MFW street style photos 😉.

The audience differs from one show to another, for instance Salvatore Ferragamo and Dolce&Gabbana fashion shows are mainly attended by elegant dressed in a classic fashion ladies, Iceberg and A.F.Vandervorst on the other hand attract the millennials.

On average there are 15-17 shows per day, and they are almost impossible to attend if you do not have connections in the industry.

This time I had the privilege to attend a few shows.

I am still  mesmerised by the phenomenal looks created by Iceberg seen from the front row.

Fashion triumphant reigns over all of Milan, one of a kind looks and styles spill from the catwalks and onto the streets were its all about diversity and bright colours. The coolest, most popular, ultramodern trends are without a doubt leopard print, huge sneakers in combination with anything and everything. Of course its Balenciaga that runs the show – the password, secret code and vip ticket to the modern world of fashion.

After a week here in the high stakes world of fashion, my lasting impression would be EXTRAVAGANZA! A feast for the eyes and a look into the future.

Fashion Show in Italy 2019-2020

Along with Paris, London and New York, Milan has long been an international platform for the most important events of the fashion industry. It is here that the oldesttraditions of cult brands and the latest trends in the fashion world harmoniously coexist.

Milan also hosts arguablythe worlds most luxurious and important fashion-weeks. You can see fashion houses’ masterpieces and witness the rise of the new stars in the world of fashion design and beauty. Buyers and journalists from all over the world come to fashion shows in Italy. It-girls, models, brand ambassadors, fashion critics and the most eminent fashion photographers inundate the centre of Milan twicea year. Women’s collections are usually shown in February and September and men’s collections in January and June.

Traditionally 85 % of brands presented on Milan Fashion week runways are Italian – Dolce&Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Giorgio Armani, Fendi, Etro, Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Prada, Moschino, Gucci, Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine, Missoni among others.

The next Milan fashion week is on the 18-24th of September 2018. Fashion biggest fans and professionals will decamp to the Italian fashion capital to soak up the spring-summer 2019 trends.

Interestingly, Milan fashion-week shows off trends long before the season starts. Which means, all the trends that will be in fashion in autumn-winter 2020 will be unveiled during the fashion week in February 19-25, 2019, and the fashion items of the 2020 spring collection will be presented in September 17-23, 2019.

Historically, the women’s fashion show is the highlight of the international fashion calendar. All the hotels are booked in advance, tickets to top shows of high-profile designers are sold out, but there is almost as much going on in the streets of Milan as on the catwalks. Street style fashionistas parade the streets as if directly from the pages of fashion magazines. You too, you could be one of them and be featured in the best street style looks from Milan Fashion Week.

Fashion week is the reason why Italy attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists twice a year. If you’ve been to a Fashion Week in Milan once it will stay with you forever!




What to wear this autumn 2018?

The latest trends for the upcoming autumn-winter season boast vibrant colours and powerful prints. Just because it’s starting to get cold outside it doesn’t mean you have to wear boring colours!

A personal favourite of mine this season is mixing orange and purple, or playing with different neon colours.

One of the hottest new trends is the revival of Victorian fashion using tapestry-like fabric, lace frills, golden buttons in addition to dainty dickeys.

If you prefer a more classic look then rest assured all the unforgettably iconic items like the beige trench coat, a suede macintosh or a refined cashmere jumper in a powder shade worn under an elegant coat are always timeless, available and waiting for you in the boutiques.

As far as prints are concerned, checks are this season’s highlight. Scarlet tartan is making a royal comeback to the runway this autumn.

This winter’s coolest cover-up is a faux fur coat. As well as phenomenal faux fur bags! You’ll be amazed by the multitude of colour options, prints and styles.

Playful layering is on winter 2019 style agenda. But layering up skilfully is all too often a professional stylist’s prerogative.

The hottest trend for autumn-winter 2018/2019 is the return of leopard print. Any detail or accessories with this timeless classic will make you look ultra fashionable.

Accessories will never go out of fashion. It is impossible to imagine a woman without a bag and beautiful shoes. Balenciaga, Dolce&Gabbana, Bvlgari, Valentino and many others 2018 collections make our hearts beat faster. A staple designer bag is always a good investment, anyway. But this season it’s unique sock boots that steal the show.

And the smiles are back in fashion too! Yes, you’ve read it right, almost all the models on the runways are now smiling and showing their feelings, isn’t it marvellous?

Let’s smile and make the world beautiful together!

I’ll be happy to create your dream wardrobe just in one day with the best deals in Italy!

Where is the best shopping in Italy?

A long-awaited holiday and fun shopping trip – it’s a match made in heaven! Italy will leave you with a lasting impression in terms of shopping; there is a huge variety of shops, designer boutiques, various outlets, shopping malls not to mention sales.

To take advantage of the various deals and perks that come around you should choose the timing of your trip and your itinerary carefully. The best shopping destinations are Rome, Venice, Florence, Bari, Verona.

When is the right timing for shopping?

The perfect time for best deals is sale season; it goes without saying that sales are the best time to purchase shoes, jewellery and designer clothes. Also, consider opening hours. Do not plan any shopping at the weekend as almost all the shops are closed. Most boutiques are open either 9am to 1pm or 3pm to 7pm.

Small privately-owned shops are often closed on Saturdays therefore the best period for shopping is Tuesday to Friday.

Sales in Italy

In Italian they are called sconti. There are two sales per year, winter and summer. Winter sales start the second week of January and end beginning of March. Summer sales last from the beginning of July until the end of August. Keep in mind the so called off season. Historically it is August, when all the locals are on their summer holidays and all the shops, boutiques, restaurants and factories are closed.

The ideal time for successful shopping is the first two weeks of sales. As a rule, this is when the shops offer the best variety in different sizes – they can sell out very quickly. Consequently, it might not be a good idea to plan a shopping trip a month into the sales. You might be better planning a visit for the following season.


Capsule wardrobe : general rules

A wardrobe bursting with clothes is every woman’s dream; but this abundance does not necessarily mean that you can throw together an elegant look for any occasion. However, a capsule wardrobe allows you to do just that.
The idea of the capsule wardrobe is to have a relatively small number of interchangeable items and only that.
Is this your wardrobe?

The Stylist as a means of achieving your goals: A Grey Eminence at your service, changing your life

From the time of Richelieu, plucked from the pages of Dumas’ Three Musketeers right up to the present day, the world as we know it is shaped, sculpted and seduced by many a Grey Eminence working behind the scenes. No one will see him, no one will even be aware of his existence, but his influence is immeasurable. The work of a professional stylist is akin to the work of a Grey Eminence; a veritable secret counsellor with professional ethics comparable in seriousness to those of a lawyer or cosmetic surgeon.

That’s why no one will ever see photos “ Michelle Obama trying on her dress before the inauguration” or “Kate Middleton trying on a hat with her stylist in preparation for Ascot.” – it all stays behind the closed doors of luxury boutiques and walk in wardrobes.

That’s where the real magic happens, where history is being made, where look, style and taste have become a means of achieving a dream. Only occasionally can we catch a glimpse who’s hiding behind a celebrity’s look on the the evening news, for example. And suddenly the spell is broken. We are faced with the reality that celebrities are sometimes not as innately glamorous as they seem, they simply put on something that had been pre-selected and prepared for them. But a bigger question comes to mind – where to find THE stylist. In which magic world do these magicians dwell?

The general public can only guess who’s dressing first ladies and royalty. We sometimes get hints from the media that a certain dress was chosen by a certain mysterious N, but “the secret councillor” is secret for a reason, he will always stay in the shadows.

Many stars have been born as the result of a stylist’s meticulous work. An expertly chosen dress for a very important event can mark the beginning of a new chapter in ones life. I often witness this. Clients come back to me and tell me that their life has taken a dramatic turn after their wardrobe transformation. For some this can mean a promotion at work and new found popularity with colleagues. For others it can herald the a new era in a romantic relationship that had faded into despair, and sometimes it means finally finding the ideal partner and starting a new life. For some, it can mean all of the above.

Undoubtedly change comes from within. More often than not all that is needed is a leap of faith, putting ones trust in the capabilities of a stylist and being ready and eager to change your life. Even the rich, famous and successful turn to a knowledgeable and thoughtful stylist to explore new facets of their character, make a step forward, cultivate a new dimension or shift their limits and borders.

No matter who you are, what your story is or might be a stylist is the caring hand who will put the final touch to the sentence: You are simply the best.