A complete Makeover

Like TV makeover shows?

Seeing a lady get a new wardrobe, beauty treatments, a new hairstyle and makeup from top stylists as well as some help from a therapist, on her way to a happier life? 

We might not know for sure what happens to her after the show, but we do see that she’s definitely taken a step towards greater self-love.

This is just the step you too can take in «A complete Makeover» with me.


We’ll start with a complete wardrobe transformation, when you get 15-20 looks where all the pieces don’t just match each other perfectly but combine to make yet another set of great outfits!

Next, a team of Italian professionals will work their magic to provide an unforgettable makeover experience, as seen on TV. You will receive advice from top stylists on hair colour as they create your perfect hair style!

Then comes a consultation with leading Guerlain, YSL, Chanel, and Sisley makeup artists – you’ll look and feel not just like a TV star but like a Hollywood star! 

You’ll then have a chance to show off your brand new look in a classy Italian bar, where we’ll chat over a glass of Prosecco.

Sounds good? Try me – and be ready to meet the new you!


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